eCommerce Series: Itching for My Creative Niche

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Hi Friends and Welcome to my site

First let me explain how I plan to use my blog.  I will have two series running simultaneously, one called, Jewelry Making which (is pretty self-explanatory) will focus on my handmade jewelry and the other called My eCommerce Experience which will focus specifically around the experiences I went through and and will be going through with the running of my business. I try to be as transparent as possible.  

For my first blog, I will discuss how I decided to start my own online business (which, by the way, I never had any intentions of doing). 

There are three unrelated reasons why I decided to finally start my own jewelry business

  1. As someone who has always been a left-brained person - more analytic than creative - I had always been envious of people who had natural creative abilities.  Whenever I saw someone draw an amazing picture freehand I was truly astounded (and of course, envious) because this god-given talent seemed so foreign to me.  I could barely stencil a stick figure which were always pitiful at best.  So, throughout my years waltzing through my left-brained world, I struggled to find my creative side and had just resigned myself to the fact that it did not exist.  I could go on-and-on as to whether creativity is innate or can be learned but I will save that for another blog as I think this would be an interesting topic to tackle. 
  2. Secondly, one of my former co-workers and dear friend had decided to leave her VP of Sales job to start a whole new career (courageous - she was definitely an inspiration).  I really had no intentions of following in her footsteps and still have yet to make a full leap into a whole new career.  In any case, since my background was working in analytics, I offered to help her with setting up and running Google analytic reports on her site.  This  would give me the opportunity to apply what I learned to a real live use case (as you can see, I was still pushing the left-brained skill-set).  However, I wanted to be able to apply  what I learned to various types of websites (specifically one that was eCommerce focused) and I thought the next best option would be for me to create my own, but what in the heck could I sell?? My analytical skills? Yes, perhaps, but I also really wanted to do something completely different.
  3. Thirdly, when my stepson (Ari) graduated college, thereby living at home full time and my other stepson (Samuel) who is still in college (meaning he's here with us during holidays and during all school breaks) and my daughter,  son-in-law, grandson (he's in his terrible twos but he is still my sunshine) moved in shortly after Ari graduated and THEN soon after that we ended up adopting a cat (or rather she adopted us) though we already had two crazy, high strung, high-maintenance dogs and we must have crazily felt like we didn't have enough zaniness in our house, I needed to find an outlet - something that would mentally take me away - even if only for a few moments.  (Don't get me wrong, I love my family but sometimes this house just gets crazy.) 

Over the years, for some reason, making jewelry had always been in the back of my mind but I never had really thought about pursuing it.  But with all of the above clashing at once, it was the perfect storm.  So one day, I just decided to look up a few jewelry making videos on Youtube and gave it a try and the first time I made my first piece, I felt euphoria.  It  was extremely cathartic for me and I became hooked (my husband might label it an addiction) and I haven't turned back since.  I don't know where this will take me or where it will end up but I'm glad I was able to scratch my itch and find my creative niche.

So, the whole point of me sharing this with you is to let you know that if you have been sitting on something that you've been thinking about or have been wanting to pursue but for one reason or another have not - JUST DO IT!! I have never been accused of being a daredevil (though a bit of a go-getter) but I dared to make the leap and am glad I did.

Keep following if you want to learn more about jewelry making and want to learn more about starting your own online business.  Craftsy has a blog providing 10 jewelry making tips.  

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